Wolf Thoughts & Midnight Howls

Poetry & Passion


Restless winds,
Plague the infinite ocean,
Shifting the waves of nebulae…

This is their will,
The will of the eternals,
Leaving the wounded sky to its fate…

As we watch the falling stars,
Ignorant and blissful,
Beholding only the beauty of it…

Painting by Joan Miro

Kodak Carousel

Left for dead,
In the prison of your dreamy eyes,
Which captured my psyche,
In a desperate attempt to understand me…

Now i roam through your mind,
Glimpsing into your surreal past,
Like an art exhibition,
Looking at Dali’s masterpieces…

So we are together,
In this neverending loop,
Where your greatness engulfs mine,
As we get lost into infinity’s embrace,
Again and again…

Barnard’s Loop

This beautifully crafted soul,
Got me shaking from the bottom of my bones,
Enveloped in the smoke of creation,
While listening to the holy chants of old…

Tears are falling,
As our blood entwines,
For this is our last gathering…

Your voice is booming in my head,
And your hand caresses my heart,
Though it stopped beating long ago…

The light is fading,
But out there i see color and love,
I see your future…

For me,
There’s only past…


…tam ruoy htaenrednu kcutS
,gniht ylno ehT

,rewohnesiE ,xraM

,gniw tfeL
…eb s’teL
,nigeb s’teL

? ew era tahW
,sevlesruo nopu nwod kool nehT
,yks eht ni pu kool s’teL

,rehtegot ti ees s’teL
,niaga ti hctaw s’teL

…etanracni ytuaeb dnA
,mrof dna ruoloc tuobA
,onitnerroS tuoba klat s’teL
,suineg tuoba klat s’teL


Painting by Piet Mondrian

Drunken gibberish

Broken bloodstained glass,
Floating away in space,
As you hear the cries of a wounded ego…

Her artwork was laying naked on the floor,
Painted in a postmodernist style,
Even though it didn’t fit in with her neo-baroque interior design…

Uncertainty killed each and every star above her,
Leaving dark holes in her already darkened sky…

I order another glass of Havana on the rocks,
And enjoy the show…

Painting by Mark Rothko

The Passing of an Elder Rose

Endless sleep is calling to you,
As you mutter my name,
Holding my hand tight…

I can’t help but remember,
The good times we had,
While i was growing up alongside you…

And i know,
You have to let go,
Despite the cries of your loved ones…

I wish to thank you once more,
For reminding me that…
Blood… is thicker than water…

Painting by Jackson Pollock

Caldwell 49

Her bloody red petals fell just like tears,
On the cold,
Dusty ground…

Crumbling under the weight of time,
Blown away by the deadly wind…

A feeling of emptiness overhwelmed the Earth,
Watching her wither away…

Saddened by her death,
The gods transformed her into a nebula,
Which resides amongst them,
So they can behold her beauty for an eternity…

Babylonian Demonology

Scientists found out,
Ours is an illness of the soul…
Which is shown on our collective psyche’s last MRI…

We are a filthy bunch,
Letting our foolishness get in the way,
As we try picking up scraps of good,
From the mountains of garbage that clutter our lives…

Change never comes,
Birds cease to fly,
Fish forget how to swim,
We forget how to love…

Moloch is upon us,
The year is 1956,
Howl is our prophecy !

The Science of Human Perfection

Slow jazz,
Playing soflty in the background,
While two silhouettes entwine erotically,
In the light of the blue moon…

They explore eachother passionately,
Like art appraisers,
Studying nature’s masterpiece…

A complex metaphysical process,
Beheld in silence by the eternal gods…
As their love blooms,

Spreading throughout the Universe…

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