Wolf Thoughts & Midnight Howls

Poetry & Passion

Insatiable Romance

We kissed slowly,
As our bodies melted into eachother,
With my hands caressing your back,
And yours, holding my face…

Our tongues were dancing,
Writing stories unto our lips,
As your moans began to break the silence,
While I pushed myself against you…

I thrusted deep !
You wrapped your legs around my waist,
Kissing me with so much passion,
That even the angels above envied our love…

We entwined in a cosmic tango,
Guided by the beats of our hearts,
Breaking each rule,
Sinning with every step we took forward…

We stole eachother’s souls,
As we linked our chains together,
Knowing there’s no escape from this,
From us…

I see

I’m looking at my hands,
Watching my skin slowly peeling off,
Just like the thoughts of love I’ve lived one day…

I’m looking at myself in the mirror,
With a sadness that cripples me daily,
Just like a man who’s beholding his demise…

I’m looking at my eyes,
And the tears that painted rivers on my face,
Just like the rain that never seems to end…

But when I’m looking at you,
I’m filled with the hope of the next day’s happiness,
Just like a dying patient that learned he’ll have more time to live…

Breathing Lust

I drowned into the sky,
Beholding two stars,
Resembling your eyes,
Staring at my scars…

I felt your skin on mine,
Expressing my lust,
Our lives waving in sine,
Loving you was a must…

My blood was rushing,
I got caught up in time,
The weight of my need was crushing,
So I turned sex into rhyme…

Now we’re lying naked,
Deep in my mind,
Our spirits awakened,
Forever entwined !


Un Hades flămând,
Surprins consumând,
Un suflet arzând,
Al meu “eu” înglobând…

Un gol plin de “eu”,
Plin de sinele zeu,
De minele meu,
Un surdomut Orfeu…

Într-un Tartar obscen,
Am compus un poem,
Al meu “eu” în catren…
Alai de succubuși, harem !

Porți de-ntuneric am crăpat,
Vieți infinite-am redat,
Pe-al meu “eu” l-am trădat,
Veșnic în gol l-am lăsat…

Artwork by Pierre Amédée Marcel-Béronneau


The Inner Hell

Hey there, fucker !
You’re finally awake ?
Seen you rubbin’ it out in the darkness,
You sicko !

How’s life since I came along ?
What, you’re going to cry again ?
Oh, get over yourself already,
Others are havin’ it worse !

What, the pills won’t help you ?
Can’t get rid of me ?
Why don’t you drink another bottle,
Maybe that will help.

I’m still here,
I’m inside your mind,
Fucking with your deepest fears.

Yeah, I know,
I know it’s fucked up,
I know you’re better off dead,
But try to hang on tight, cause I’m just getting started.


Your damaged psyche !

Painting by Jack Kevorkian


Yet again,
I find myself cut off,
From my life, from this world…

In this lonely darkness,
I’m dared by unknown forces,
To behold my inner fears…

In this place I’m in,
Black roses bloom,
From the rotting carcass of my happiness…

The only sound I hear,
Is my mother’s weep,
And the dying beat of my heart…

This gloom seems etarnal,
This blackened, eerie, foul feeling,
Gripped my soul with its claws…

It won’t let go…


Sentimentele-mi sunt scurse,
Printre lacrimi, printre scuze,
Prin durerile-ascunse,
Ce zboară ca niște frunze…

Se desprind din al meu pom,
Se desfac atom cu atom,
Definindu-mă ca om,
Umplând un pahar cu rom…

Gustul dulce-nțepător,
Mă trimite-n dormitor,
Unde-s amintiri ce dor,
Care strigă “ajutor” !

Însă eu m-am resemnat,
Neputiința m-a blocat,
Inima mi-a-ndepărtat,
Sulfetul mi l-a pătat…

Artwork by Shelly Pullen

Dr. Awkward vs The World

I was always the wierd kid,
A jokester, an outcast,
Class clown, bad seed,
The creep they picked last…

Not many liked me,
Not many do now,
They told me they spite me,
But I survived somehow…

My parents split up,
Dad left to get rich,
Mom raised me up,
I learned life is a bitch…

I’ve tried to fit in,
With people I admired,
But they changed their skin,
And I got too tired…

There’s so much bottled up pain,
So much screams and howls,
Cries in vain,
Yet I still hear their growls…

Depression is tough,
Being alone makes it tougher,
I’m just a diamond in the rough,
Left in silence to suffer…


Îmi plâng de milă printre rânduri
Abuzat de niște gânduri,
Nu-mi dă pace amintirea,
C-am pierdut de mult iubirea…

Nu mă lasă-n niciun chip,
Să mai vreau să mă ridic,
Dintr-o groapă de mormânt,
Ce-am săpat-o în pământ…

Greu mi-a fost să mai accept,
Încă-mi este greu, ce-i drept,
Să mai pot să te privesc,
Să-ți spun că te mai iubesc…

Inima mi-e-ntunecată,
Pulsul mi-a fost luat îndată,
O durere grea mă-ncearcă,
Sufletul se duce, parcă…

Painting by Corneliu Baba

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